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June 8th General Election Candidates

Race: Alderman At-Large

Unofficial Results (Includes machine votes, accepted affidavit votes, curbside and absentee votes. There are less than 50 unresolved affidavit votes to be counted before certifying the election results.)

Gary Gainspoletti  -  1,029 votes

John "Terry" Trotter - 406 votes

April 6th Primary Election Results

Mayor - Billy Nowell (Unopposed)


Ward 1

Zinnia Howze-Wince (defeated Maurice Smith)

Ward 2

Robert Sanders (Unopposed)

Ward 3

Danny Abraham (Unopposed)

Ward 4

J. Kirkham Povall (Unopposed)

Ward 5

Brian C. Bishop (defeated Todd Kitchings)

Ward 6

Theodore “Ted” Campbell (Unopposed)