Heritage Commission


  • Noon
  • 2nd Thursday of every month
  • City Hall
    100 N Street
    Board Room
    Cleveland, MS 38732


Those currently serving on the Cleveland Heritage Commission (CHC) are as follows:

  • Lynn Shurden, Chair
  • Corinne Casanova
  • Judy Dilworth
  • Jordan Goins
  • Emily Jones
  • Cetin Oguz
  • Jonett Valentine
  • Mickey Thompson
  • Judy Wilson


In 1995, the City of Cleveland adopted a historic preservation ordinance to protect historic areas of the City. This ordinance created the Cleveland Heritage Commission consisting of nine appointed volunteers who serve three year terms.

The main goal of the Heritage Commission is to administer the Historic Preservation Ordinance through design review, public education and awareness, preservation planning, and research.

Certificates of Appropriateness & the Design Review Process

Property owners within the Crosstie Historic District enjoy the advantages of increased economic value and a built environment protected from unsympathetic changes.

The Cleveland Heritage Commission protects the rights and investments of property owners and business establishments through the design review process. By preserving and maintaining visual character, the CHC ensures that citizens and visitors alike will enjoy the benefits of Cleveland’s historic built environment.