Flood Safety & Information

Local Flood Hazard

Flooding is a potential threat anywhere. A storm can turn into a flood even if you don’t live near a stream or river. More than 90% of all property damage in the United States caused by natural disasters is the result of flooding, and flooding causes more than 2 billion dollars in damage each year nationally. Your property may be high enough that it has not flooded recently, however it can still be flooded in the future because the next flood could be worse. If you are in the floodplain, the odds are that someday your property will be damaged.

Floodplain Development Permits

All citizens are encouraged to check with the Department of Community Development before you build on, alter, regrade, or fill any property in a special flood hazard area. A permit will be required to ensure that projects do not cause problems on adjacent properties or for those downstream.

If you see someone building or filling property in the special flood hazard area without a city permit sign posted, please contact the Department of Community Development at 662-843-4601. Reporting illegal floodplain development will help to ensure the development does not cause flooding problems for anyone.