Drainage System Maintenance

The City of Cleveland has an ongoing drainage system maintenance program. Personnel regularly perform drainage system inspections and work to alleviate problems before flooding occurs. Crews also work tirelessly to keep water moving during rain events and to prevent properties from experiencing damage or loss.

Citizen Cooperation

Several of the City’s efforts depend on your cooperation and assistance. Here are a few ways that any citizen can help:

Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance

Do not dump or throw anything into the ditches, streams, or storm drains. Dumping in any drainage structure is a violation of the Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance (PDF). Even grass clippings and branches can accumulate and plug channels. A plugged channel cannot carry water and when it rains the water has to go somewhere. Every piece of trash contributes to flooding. 

The Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance makes it illegal to take any action that will impede the flow of water in ditches, or storm drain systems. All leaves, yard clippings, trash and debris should be bagged for pick up by the city’s waste handler.

Ditch / Stream

If your property is next to a ditch or stream, please do your part and keep the banks clear of brush and debris. The city has a stream maintenance program that can help remove major blockages such as downed trees. The city conducts routine inspections of all ditches, streams and channels several times each year but if you spot a problem or blockage you are asked to call the Department of Community Development and report it as soon as possible so that crews can effectively handle the situation. 

If you see dumping or debris in the ditches or storm drains, please contact the Department of Community Development at 662-843-4601. The drainage system belongs to all the citizens of Cleveland and will require your assistance to keep it in good working order.