Business Utilities

Water & Sewer

All new businesses are required to set up a new account for water and sewer billing with the Water Department located inside of City Hall. Before a water service is activated, the new business will be required to complete and pass an occupancy inspection from the Department of Community Development.

The Water Department is located in City Hall and serves as the hub for city utilities. The staff:

  • Issues business licenses
  • Issues garbage bags
  • Issues water bills
  • Reads water meters
  • Receives billing payments

Daily On-Site Operation of Water & Sewer

The daily on-site operation of the city’s water and sewer system is performed by contract with Severn Trent Environmental Services (ST). Problems with water leaks or sewer stoppages should be reported to ST at 662-843-0601.

Garbage Collection

A business is considered a commercial account.  All business owners are responsible for contracting with a commercial solid waste handler at their expense to provide an appropriate waste container and to schedule the frequency of having the container emptied and the waste disposed of as specified in the city’s Waste Disposal Ordinance.

Electrical Service

Electrical service is within the City of Cleveland is provided by a private company and is dependant on your location.

The two electrical service providers are:

Natural Gas Service

Natural gas service within the City of Cleveland is provided by Atmos Energy.