Business Licensing

Anyone who conducts business in the City of Cleveland must first obtain a business (privilege) license, except for those businesses that are specifically exempted by state or federal statute. Business license fees must be paid before the business opens and shall be renewed as long as the business is in operation.

In most cases, a current occupancy inspection is required from the Department of Community Development before a business license can be issued. Please contact Community Development at 662-843-4601 to see if an inspection is necessary.

  1. Mobile Food Vendors
  2. Privilege License
  3. Transient Vendor License

The City of Cleveland has established a local ordinance pertaining to mobile food vendors. Currently, the only type of mobile food vending equipment that is allowed in Cleveland is a motorized mobile food truck or mobile pushcart as outlined in the City of Cleveland Food Truck Ordinance.

In addition to completing a mobile food vending permit application, vendors must also provide the following:

  1. A privilege license from the City of Cleveland.
  2. A food vending permit from the Mississippi State Department of Health.
  3. A scaled sketch plan or photographs showing the proposed mobile food truck or pushcart, its dimensions, and other details showing the proposed setup such as a site plan where the equipment will be located.
  4. A list of products to be sold.
  5. Proof of valid insurance policy that provides minimum liability coverage of $500,000 per mobile food truck and $250,000 per mobile pushcart, with the city named as an additional insured.
  6. Approved inspection by the Cleveland Fire Inspector.