Animal Shelter

Animal Shelter CollageThe Shelter is here to help the community manage animal welfare in Bolivar County and the sites that are included within those borders.

Shelter Mission

The Shelter's mission is to facilitate the placement of stray and unwanted animals and pets in desirable homes; to establish and maintain an animal shelter and associated procedures which promote health, care, handling, and prevent overpopulation and the prevention of cruelty to animals. Education of the Human population is the key to managing the animal population that has been left in our care.

Adoption Process

The shelter’s adoption process is designed to match animals with the best home for them and people with the right animal for their lifestyle. We want adoptions to be for the life of the animal. 

To start the adoption process, please put an application at the appropriate link on our page. We do our very best to review applications within 48 hours of receiving them (not including weekends) but you are always welcome to give us a call if you have not received a call back from us. Please also remember to check your email as we may also communicate that way! Please make sure that your vet info and landlord info are filled out completely, as those two things are the items that we most often have to follow up about not being filled out.  

We do require landlord approval if you rent. If you live in student housing you would be required to have a letter for an Emotional Support animal from your doctor and approval from the university. This is to prevent an animal from being returned due to not being allowed. Returns are stressful on the animal and heartbreaking to adopters so we do everything we can to prevent them! 

After you have filled out an application, we will contact you as soon as possible to set up a meet and greet where we can introduce you to the animals that are available. You will have an animal caretaker assigned to your meet and greet who can answer any questions you have about the animals you are interested in. Once an animal is chosen by you, we may request you bring current dogs in the home to meet the dog you are interested in or offer a foster period to make sure they are a good fit.  

If the animal you are approved to adopt is already altered, adoptions can typically be processed within 48 hours of the meet and greet. However, if the animal is not yet altered it can take up to a week or more to get them altered at our veterinarian and we do hold them 48 hours after surgery to assure you are taking home a healthy, happy pet.  

We do not do same-day adoptions. The reason for this is to give our staff time to assure the pet you want is current on vaccines, has received their rabies vaccine, gets a medical check from our vet if necessary, and it also gives the adopter time to pick up the supplies they need for their new family member! 

All animals adopted from the shelter are altered before adoption, given age-appropriate vaccines, dewormed, microchipped, and given an engraved ID tag at the time of adoption. Other medical may have also been done such as heartworm testing for dogs over six months and combo testing for some cats. Adopters are provided copies of all medical treatment/vaccines given to their pet while at the shelter in their adoption email at the time of adoption but can be given hard copies upon request. 

Cat adoption fees are $50 and dog adoption fees are $70. Discounts may apply if adopting multiple animals at once, adopting seniors, or adopting animals with medical issues.  

Services Provided

  • Adoption and fostering programs
  • Humane euthanasia for sick and severely injured animals
  • Lost and found animal programs
  • Pet microchipping and scanning upon request
  • Quarantine for animals that have bitten or attacked someone
  • Shelter for stray and unwanted animals on shora t term basis
  • Trap loan program for Bolivar County residents