In 1995, the City of Cleveland adopted a historic preservation ordinance to protect historic areas of the City.  This ordinance created the Cleveland Heritage Commission consisting of nine appointed volunteers who serve three year terms.  

The main goal of the Heritage Commission is to administer the Historic Preservation Ordinance through design review, public education and awareness, preservation planning, and research.

The Heritage Commission meets regularly at 12:00 p.m. noon on the second Tuesday of each month in the Board Room at City Hall.  Those currently serving on the Cleveland Heritage Commission are as follows:

Contact Us

215 N. Bayou Road

P. O. Box 1439
Cleveland, MS  38732
Phone: 662-843-4601

Fax: 662-846-5701

Kim Chisolm, CLG Coordinator

Jonett Valentine, Chair 
Judy Wilson
Jordan Goins
Emily Jones
Corinne Casanova
Judy Dilworth
Mickey Thompson

Cetin Oguz

Lynn Shurden


Certificates of Appropriateness and the Design Review Process

Property owners within the Crosstie Historic District enjoy the advantages of increased economic value and a built environment protected from unsympathetic changes.  The Cleveland Heritage Commission protects the rights and investments of property owners and business establishments through the design review process.  By preserving and maintaining visual character, the CHC ensures that citizens and visitors alike will enjoy the benefits of Cleveland’s historic built environment.

Which properties require design review?
All designated properties require design review.  Designated properties include all properties within locally designated historic districts and individually designated sites.  Please note that design review covers both historic (contributing) and non-historic (non-contributing) properties in a historic district.  The City currently recognizes the Crosstie Historic District as a local historic district and provides guidance and support to those property owners within that district.  This historic district encompasses a major portion of the historic downtown area of Cleveland.  A call to the Department of Community Development (662-843-4601) can confirm whether or not a property is located within a regulated historic district.

What is design review?
The Historic Preservation Ordinance provides for a design review process.  Design review consists of the evaluation of any proposed exterior work upon a designated property.  Both minor and extensive projects must be reviewed and approved prior to beginning work.  The design review process is often triggered by a building permit application; however, building permits cannot be issued until design review is complete.  Although some types of work projects, such as
installation of a walkway or a satellite dish, may not require a building permit, design review is still required.

What type of work requires design review?
All work involving a change to an exterior feature of a designated property requires design review.  Projects that physically alter the property include but are not limited to:

·Changes in site or setting,
·Repair or rehabilitation,
·Relocation or demolition, and
·New construction or additions.

Neither interior alteration nor a change in the use of the property
require design review.  The Historic Preservation Ordinance applies to external appearance of the property and regulates neither zoning nor land use.  Ordinary maintenance does not require design review.

What is a Certificate of Appropriateness?
When planning a work project, an owner must submit a completed application for a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA).  Applications are available from and should be submitted to the Department of Community Development at 1098 Old Highway 61 North or may be downloaded using the "COA Application" button found
in the side bar of this page.  The deadline for submitting applications is one week prior to the Heritage Commission’s regular meeting.

Utilizing design guidelines and the general standards for the rehabilitation of historic properties, the Heritage Commission must decide to approve or deny the application.  If the application is approved, a COA is issued and design review is complete.

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